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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Goddess be Damned! (Brando & Em)

The Goddess tries not to meddle in the affairs of her Sims. Brando, having reached the apex of his political career seemed quite content. Em, working in aquisitions wanted nothing more than to boost her mechanical skills, write a novel, and sell a masterpiece. During their off-time, Brando and Em enjoyed pursuing their hobbies, side by side.

After his 3-day weekend, Brando awoke and the Goddess checked his "wants list" to see what Brando would like to acquire. Goddess be damned, Brando wanted to quit his job. So the Goddess obliged.

As it turns out, Brando had an ulterior motive the Goddess had not anticipated. Upon quitting his job, Brando wanted to throw a wedding party. With Em moving up in her criminal career, and Brando being Mayor of Cyberia, a union was simply not practical. But with Brando free from politics, the path was cleared for wedded bliss. Was it their lazy Sunday afternoons together, or was it this which prompted his proposal?

The Goddess is unsure.

While Em works on her novel, Brando begins to decorate for an outdoor wedding. Once the guests begin arriving, he calls Em outside. She is quite surprised, and extremely appreciative.

The nuptials go off without a hitch, despite the fact that some guests arrived late, and despite M.Butterflies' attempt to object.

The wedding party starts off well, with a toast to ex-Mayor Brando.

Just as the clock ticks down to the honeymoon, M.Butterfly calls Brando over for a private toast.Then she shows HER ulterior motive!

Em, never a fan of M.Butterfly, steps in and takes matters into her own hands. Had the limo not arrived, who knows what would have happened.
The couple enjoys a post-nuptial toast.

Let's hope the wedded bliss lasts. With Brando unemployed, it's quite possible Em's income may not be enough to make their hefty mortgage!

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