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Thursday, August 04, 2005

That Julie is a Real Sport!!!

Heidi is up to her old tricks. Apparently she heard that Charlie left Julie at the altar, so she invites him over for Chef Salad with a side of woo hoo.

Since no woo-hoo goes unpunished in Cyberia, she finds herself puking within minutes.

Heidi wears those awful K-Mart maternity clothes that seem to be the only ones available in town.

Charlie decides to make an honest woman out of her...

At the wedding, Robin shows up uninvited to express her displeasure...you may recall that she and Heidi had a brief fling.

Unlike Robin, Julie seems to have let bygones be bygones. Only a few days after Charlie humiliated her at her own wedding, she accepts the invitation to attend, and is gracious throughout.

Charlie made it through the ceremony, and he and Heidi enjoy their wedding cake at the crappy little kitchen table they dragged out to make room for everyone.

Can Charlie really be a one-woman man? Can Heidi resist the overtures of Robin? Is Julie REALLY happy for the couple, or will she get her revenge once the baby is born? Stay tuned...

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