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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Meet the Bubble Boy (Kitty & Mini)

Keanu has turned out to be quite the roomie. He always fixes breakfast for the girls before they go off to work. You see, Keanu is a professional party goer. He works three nights a week attending parties, so he's used to sponging off of, and treating his host quite nicely. But in a strange turn of events, Keanu decides to make an honest woman out of his patroness, Kitty. It's quite obvious by the bubble that he'd rather not propose to Mini.

Speaking of bubbles, Keanu hits the pool for a late-night swim. However, something strange happens when he hits the sack.
Why yes, those ARE bubbles...and they are still emitting from him the next morning.That Kitty, she's so sweet. When she returns home from her first day as a high school science teacher, she slaps a big wet one on her beau, as if to say, "Honey, I don't mind if you're a bubble boy, I love you anyhow."
As accepting as Kitty is, I wonder if she'll be as accepting when she finds out what Keanu really does when she's at work.

Yes, Kitty - the bubbles ARE the least of your worries.
Aside from your husband-to-be's propensity for Kate's boyfriend, your best friend Mini has taken to fixing everything around the house, whether it needs it or not. Just a screwdriver and a dream......but it looks as if Mini's fixin' days may be coming to an end...

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