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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Liesl is Spinning Out of Control!

Frustrated with his current "acting gig" as a French Fry Representative, Lonnie searches the papers for something a little more "meaty" while the houseboy looks on.

Liesl, unwilling to settle in to her new role as mother to little Kramer, invites Martin over for a pillow fight by the pool.

Mister, her other frequent "gentleman caller" is not amused. He slaps her silly while Lonnie continues to scour the paper for work, unaware of the drama taking place outdoors.

Liesl is fed up with the men in her life and decides to leave Lonnie home with the baby. She drives to a local bar, but the guys there seem more interested in the younger college girls. Liesl is dejected.

"I'll show them!" she thinks. Into the giant spinning ball she goes...

She has gotten some male attention, but that probably has more to do with the fact that she is spinning upside down, in a dress, with no underwear. That'll usually do it.

"I never USED to get dizzy on this thing!"

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lucy Gets Her Man

As we suspected, Lucy M. is with-child. She's also with-a-drinking problem.

The fortune teller sees a 12-step program in her future. Lucy decides that she and Sage need to get married first, and she'll 12-step it later.

Although Sage is nowhere to be seen, Lucy invites her guests and then proceeds to eat a TV Dinner.

Sage arrives home from work, surprised to see that he's scheduled for a wedding! The guests have already left. They were a little nervous that TV dinners were going to be served.

The happy couple doesn't care.

Sage, a little taken-aback by his aggressive bride, throws his back out...

...and passes out from the pain.

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