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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Get, OUT! (Kris, Nicole, Lu, & Melodyann)

First thing's first: Yes, they left the babies on the floor!

Kris wastes no time reminding Nicole of their deal. Breed last, leave first!

Get OUT!

"Oh yeah?" Says Nicole. Well, I'm taking the maid AND the gardner... and um, your jacket is stupid!

Joe comes home and grabs Lu while Nicole calls for a cab.

Kris runs outside to make certain they're really leaving.

Then, a slow smile of relief spreads across her face.

Nicole, true to her word (always) not ONLY keeps up her end of the deal, but she manages to talk Joe into buying a bigger house...one the goddess is SURE they can't afford on Joe's salary alone.

Remember when I said, "Joe grabs Lu..." ? Well, in all the confusion, the Goddess had Joe grab the wrong baby. It's the first incident of baby switching in Cyberia! Joe and Nicole will now be raising Melodyann, while Kris and Goopy are the proud parents of Lu...that is unless, of course, the goddess can figure out how to switch them back!

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