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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Welcome to Funky Cowboy! (Homer & Cat too)

Maya really wants to get out of the public school system (who can blame her? They have abstinence only health education, and you KNOW that doesn't work!). So Homer arranges for the headmaster to come over to meet the family and interview Maya. Being the good mommy that Cat is, she decides to go ahead and pop that baby before dinner.

Maya runs upstairs with Homer to watch the birth. Isn't funny the thoughts that run through a woman's mind when she's in labor?!?!

With one last scream and a jolly good whirl, the newest Knatt is born!

Please welcome The Funky Cowboy to Cyberia! Maya thinks he looks like their daddy!

In case you're wondering why they're all standing around in their formal wear, the headmaster pulled up while Cat was giving birth and decided "this family isn't right for our school." The bastard! The Goddess wonders if there's any way to move the headmaster in, then have him eaten by flies.

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