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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Cyberia or Utah? Hard to Tell...

Over at the Rofler's, PG and Kevin are getting a bit long in the tooth. Apple is a teenager and just managed to get herself into private school. She's an A+ student with a crappy social life. Little does she know that she'll be changing her parents diapers any day now.

PG has a birthday party while Kevin is at work, and Dawn, Julie, Heidi and Michele come over to help celebrate.

Surprisingly, Julie and Heidi have an uproariously funny conversation about Charlie (Julie's ex who left her at the altar, only to marry Heidi and have twins with her). Julie seems to have completely forgiven Heidi, and is secretly thrilled that Charlie is in over his head with the twins.

Kevin comes home from work to find his wife looking a bit, er, mature... but that doesn't prevent him from hitting on her in the hot tub.

A few moments later, Kevin gets the obligatory backache and turns into an old guy in an ugly bathing suit!

Always one to hedge his bets, Kevin chats up Julie and invites her to move in. Much to the goddesses surprise, she accepts! (I think the gnome fainted when he heard it too). This crowd is going to need a bigger house...

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