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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Karma and Garnet Settle In; Amy Marries off One Kid and Loses Another to Insect Swarms

First off, Miscler has been having fun living with friends Tracy and Eva. Her husband Komei succumbed to a lethal bout of pneumonia, but to cheer her up (and fill up the big damn house she and the Harpers bought), her eldest sons Oz (at the piano) and Angel moved in with her. (They're also digging the free rent, since neither of them has a job).

Over at Karma and Garnet Wyndham-Pryce's place, the two are really bonding and enjoy playing chess in their underwear (or, as my husband refers to it, "every smart straight guy's fantasy.")
Garnet is really making waves in the business world, but she really wants to get married and have a baby. For now, she's enjoying the corporate life, but is slightly envious of roomie Karma, seems to have the day off practically every day in her job as a political campaign staffer. While Garnet's working her butt off, Karma's hanging with her girlfriends in the hot tub...

...And romancing sexy neighbor Robin Wood.

Meanwhile, the only man Garnet has made a connection with is Carson, who is gay and lives happily with his partner Kyan and their two adopted kids.

Over at the Simms residence, Harmony and Rupert got married, much to mom Amy's delight.

Shortly thereafter, Harmony's dorky little brother Warren stares at clouds.

Too bad he was apparently covered in honey, because flies devoured him in seconds.

Amy was sad for a few seconds, but since Harmony and Rupert aren't wasting any time with the post-marital woohooing, she's too busy thinking about potential grandkids.

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