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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Meet The Witherwings

it's Back To School as the new University of Cyberia opens its gates to our Cyberian young adults! among the newly registered are the Witherwings!
on the left is the rockin' Marie from california. don't let looks fool you. Marie is all about the money! next to her is our cheerleader from Georgia, Diana. ever the romantic, Diana is already the heartbreaker of the freshmen class. and last but not the least, fresh from her Hawaiian vacation, we have Tee who still looks hot even though her hairstylist screwed up her haircut!here are three gals registering for classes. Marie is a Drama Major, Diana an Art Major and Tee majors in Psychology.Diana is ever the social butterfly. she's constantly on the phone and is getting a bit too friendly with her professor. as a freshman, she studies Stick Figures: Lowering the Bar.she organizes pep rallies and always practices her school cheer around the dorm. here she is with the mascot doing, what else... CHEERING!Tee plans to join the Cyberia police force once she graduates so she's always working out.but it seems that the treadmill has gotten the better of her. the Goddess thinks that she ought to concentrate on her class, Introduction to Psychology: We Are TOO a Science!here's tee chatting up a dormmate about her recent travels informing him that the airlines lost her luggage and she's stuck wearing those coconuts till she buys new clothes.Marie loves money, so she is constantly looking for ways to earn them. she regularly entertains her dormmates for a fee...she works in the dorm cafeteria to earn more moolah...... and she hustles big bucks in the pool table. but she makes time to attend her class, The History of Drama: When Every Play Ended with Death.expect lots of fun from these three!

Click photos to enlarge!

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