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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Karan Loses Her Marbles

Over at the home of Karan (RugDesigner), Micah and Wonkette, mental health issues abound. Karan is flipping out because she desperately wants another child.

When she finds herself sitting on the deck drooling and babbling, the Cyberian therapist drops in (literally) for a visit.

Before you know it, he's got her clucking like a chicken!

Although the therapist has taken his money and gone, Karan begins pretending a flour sack is a baby...

Micah is unphased, eating and sleeping as though nothing is wrong.

Their relationship has not taken a hit, though. Micah is quite comfortable on the toilet while Karan bathes.

Since Karan and Micah are getting a little long in the tooth (only a few days before they go grey), they decided to adopt a little girl who is Wonkette's age. Meet Jane, the newest addition to the family!

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