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Monday, August 15, 2005

The Race is ON! (Nicole & Kris)

Before work, Nicole springs the news on Joe. "We're going to have a baby!"
Joe's thrilled, and immediately asks Nicole to quit her job. His baby's mama isn't going to be deployed!

Apparantly, Nicole quits not a moment too soon! She's already entered her first day-mester.

Nicole decides this would be a good time to approach Kris about moving. After all, the deal was that the first couple to give birth gets the house. Unfortunately, not only did Nicole fail to anticipate a lumpy Kris, she might have picked the wrong time to bring the topic up.

You see, not only is Kris lumpy, she's grumpy. She tells Goopy to get himself down to the mall, and NOT to come home until he's bought some decent clothes and gotten a decent haircut. In addition, she orders him to burn the shorts and geriatric footwear. Goopy, fashionably clueless, enlists the help of the first metero he can find.
"Look, Honey! Remember me? We're married? Kris...Kris???"

Let's hope Goopy's new duds and extensions lift Kris' spirits soon!

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