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Saturday, August 13, 2005

My Two Mommies (Madame Butterfly, Kate, & Windrider)

Windrider celebrates his birthday by leaping into a little boy!

Several Sims show up to celebrate with him. Madame Butterfly's gift to Windrider is a big-boy room! Windrider enjoys his big-boy bed while the party guests gather to appreciate the new digs.

When Windrider beats the nanny at a game of chess, Kate realizes that her son is a genius.

Kate has decided that Cyberia Elementary isn't good enough for her little scholar, so she invites the headmaster over for some lobster and schmoozing. Her son, ever the helpful little boy, makes the beds while Mommy calls in the SWAT team.

Eager to impress the headmaster, she completely remodels the living room, turning it into a dining room. Windrider sets the table, and then the party starts.

Mom and son change into their finests, and settle down to a lobster dinner with the headmaster.
Even though Madame Butterfly refused to change into her formal attire, the headmaster is very impressed and admits Windrider to his private acadamy. He runs to Mommy for a congratulatory hug and a bedtime story.

It's a good thing the headmaster left right before the lobster started stinking!

The next morning, Madame Butterfly tells Kate she likes the new look, and they decide to forgo the living room for a permanant formal dining area.

After breakfast, they see their boy off to school. You'd think transportation to a private academy would be a bit more upscale!

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