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Friday, August 12, 2005

Anne Marie makes over and takes over

anne marie never forgave miss vicki for stealing bud buckley away from her... and woo-hooing with her, then proceeded to marry bud anyways. so, as soon as she moved in to miss vicki's old house, she made herself over and then made over the upstairs bathroom...
and the kitchen...
and the living room...and the dining room...... the downstairs bathroom...... and even, budette's room, now that she's a child. anything to remove any reminder of miss vicki.what she didn't know was that bud talked to the builders and told them to remove the pool and make a "memorial" for miss vicki. budette misses her mother and with all the changes, she has become a rotten rugrat.that night, miss vicki showed up and was not happy at all. budette must've reported that anne marie is taking over and that she has a stepbrother. she scared the living daylights out of anne marie one night by leaving puddles of water and levitating her tombstone!meanwhile, bud's been "gaining weight".he started sporting this "i love aliens" shirt and could be seen talking to his "bump" some of the times.

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