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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bud's Turn

after the burial of Miss Vicki, the aliens decided to return Bud Buckley home.
they spit him out after they've experimented with him. Goddess was astonished as his stats went up and down while the aliens "played" with him. the nanny was there to give him the bad news...
Bud was dropped on the curbside and after picking himself up, he cried and cried... probably felt violated from all those anal probes.after recovering, Bud visited Miss Vicki's tombstone and mourned...later, Anne Marie drops by to visit the tombstone as well, but instead of mourning, she yelled at the tombstone, still expressing her anger at Miss Vicki. realizing how life is so short and precious, Bud Buckley made a decision.he got down on one knee and asked Anne Marie to marry him (finally!).Anne Marie checks out her bling... probably comparing if it was bigger than Miss Vicki's.how funny they did it in front of Miss Vicki's grave... so much for mourning, eh?! Anne Marie accepts and immediately sets off to pack and get Buckley Jr.but, what's this? Bud Buckley has been throwing up every few hours!!! bad alien food maybe? or did the aliens do more than just the anal probing?!

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