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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Diane Moves Out!

As you recall, Diane decides to move out before six Sims burn down the house.

She searches the paper, but decides it's more efficient to call a realtor. "We've got JUST the place for you, Diana!" the realtor exclaims! It recently belonged to a very powerful political figure. He just quit his job and is looking to liquidate some of his investments. The house is fantastic and the price is just right!

The payment is a little higher than Diane can handle with her job as a checkout clerk at the mini-mart. So she grabs Albe as a co-signer and they rush over to the house to christen it with some woo-hoo.

Albe realizes that it's going to take a lot more than cat burglering to keep Diana happy, so he starts working on his logic skills in hopes of a promotion.

Meanwhile, Diana invites her sisters over to ooo and ahh over her new digs.

The next morning, Diana pulls her fiance to the side and says, "Listen baby...we need to talk about your image. Those shorts have GOT to go, honey." Albe rushes to the mall while Diane calls the Fab Four. When Albe arrives home, he finds a quartet of men ready to make him over. They advise him to shorten his name, henceforth this smashing red-head is known as Al.

The Fab Four does a bit of decorating too, and it looks like Diane and Al are enjoying their new abode.

Diane's reaction to the new Al? She likes!

Then again, she's equally turned on by his work duds.

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