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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The "M" stands for Manic! (M.Butterfly, Kate, and ???)

Madame Butterfly has completely lost it. She stands around the house bawling for hours.
She gets up in the middle of the night to dance alone.

In order to cheer herself up, she does what the Butterfly does best.

Who is this red-head in the Butterfly's bed?

Why it's the newly engaged Diana!
Love 'em and leave 'em M.Butterfly shows Diane how a real Romance Sim behaves.

After Diane leaves, M.Butterfly makes a move on Kate that is readily reciprocated.

Perhaps it's true gratitude? Perhaps true love has finally arrived for this sex-up Sim? Whatever the motivation, M.Butterfly proposes to Kate, and Kate accepts.

Then, the woo-hoo.

As Kate prepares a special celebration dinner...

M.Butterfly tries to sneak off to the mall with one of her lovers, Marylena.

Nice try, B - your partner knows you too well.

Apparantly Kate isn't the most adept at keeping a watchful eye. Marylena sneaks into the dressing room.

The sales associate isn't blind OR deaf!

Kate has another trick up her sleeve. Unbeknownst to M.Butterfly, Kate calls an adoption agency. Within a few hours, Windrider becomes a member of the Knatt family.

Apparantly, Manic Butterfly isn't going to take to this parenting gig at all!

Kate sells all her furniture and remodels the room for her son.

Please welcome Windrider Knatt of Life's Highways.. And Other Places... to Cyberia!

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