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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Okay - this is new (Homer, Cat, & Maya)

Homer and Cat are doing everything they can to make sure Maya meets her aspiration of "growing up well." Homer returns from work at encourages Maya to be active. She immediately does some deep-knee bends...

...then gets active on the sofa.
Cat quits her job to spend more time with Maya. They play together, and Cat supervises Maya's interactions with others.

Just as the Knatt household was looking like your typical nuclear family, Maya leaps from the breakfast table and runs to the street in her pajamas. It seems a naughty neighbor has kicked over the garbage can. The Goddess knows NOT how long it has been in such a state, but suffice it to say it's been long enough. Maya, in her bare feet, begins crushing the cockroaches.

Homer cleans up the mess and calls the bug guy.

But it may be too late. While the school bus awaits her, Maya has a nervous breakdown.
Is Maya crying because there were bugs, or because she killed bugs, or because she didn't have time to kill all the bugs? You know what they say about children who like to inflict pain on animals...

Really kids, maybe you should hold off on the baby-making.

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