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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Brando & Em

Ah the Honeymoon - unfortunately for Em & Brando, the Honeymooning seems to be over. You see, while Brando quit his job as Mayor of Cyberia (all in the name of love), it appears there is one small thing he failed to mention to Em before they tied the knot.

Brando promised the rapidly aging Kate that she would be reborn. Brando is nothing, if not a man of his word. He informs his new wife that they must begin the process of procreation in order to give Kate's soul a place to go. Em, very much involved with her career, is not exactly understanding.

You see, Em does not want kids. Not now, not ever.

After several fights...
and a few nights of sleeping on the sofa...
Brando tries to let it go. He takes a job as a sous chef...
and is offered his own restaurant before the day is over. He's so excited to tell Em that he doesn't even notice one of his employees hitched a ride home with him.

Em does.
Knowing Brando desperately wants a baby, Em assumes the worst. In a jealous rage, she accuses Brando of having an affair.
She attacks.
And then, she divorces him.

Dejected, Brando walks out into the night with nothing but a broken heart and a $300,000.00 settlement.

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