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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Dawn Stirs Things Up (Again)

Michele and Mister's little boy is growing up. He's about to blow out the candles and go from a toddler to a little boy, helped by his other blogger friends and Apple, the daughter of PG and Kevin.

Mister attempts to fix a smoking dishwasher, playing the odds since he doesn't really have the mechanical skills to do this.

Er, Mister? Don't play the lottery today.

None worse for the wear, Mister continues to make spaghetti in his less-than-pristine state.

Meanwhile, Deni and Dawn come over for a visit. Dawn is quite the dancer, don't you think? That's nothing compared to her other moves...

Since Michele and Deni have a little love thing going, Michele gives her a hug.

However, when she also hugs Dawn (who seems to be irresistable to all), Deni is not having it.

Back home at the mansion, Robin gets wind of Dawn's canoodling with Michele and takes action. I think she may have even used the nightstick, since she was in her cop uniform.

Dawn is unfazed. When Deni arrives home from her job as a Counter Intelligence agent, she finds Dawn hitting on a pregnant Heidi. She plants a kiss on Dawn, marking her territory, and Heidi is heartbroken.

Deni accepts the grocery delivery, wondering if Dawn has screwed this guy too. (If you enlarge this picture you'll see that Dawn has been promoted from pickpocket to Bagman in her new career as a criminal.)

The extremely dysfunctional trio of Deni, Dawn and Robin have managed to fool the adoption agency into giving them a little girl named Vyn. Hopefully they will start acting like three responsible moms...but I'm not holding out a lot of hope for that!

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