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Thursday, August 11, 2005

E.C. Bloginski - Man About Town

E.C. lives alone, but very much wants to find a wife and have himself some kids. He's redecorated a bit, gotten into mondo-great-shape, and honed his cooking skills in an attempt to make himself as irresistable as possible. It may be working.

Here, E.C. invites Nadia, new-mom Heidi, Dawn and Jan over for a little house party. He's got his eye on both Nadia and Jan, although Dawn has the hots for him too (BIG SURPRISE THERE, NOT).

He finally gets Nadia into the hot tub and Dawn gives them some room to woo-hoo.

It's amazing we haven't had "death by woo-hoo" yet.

No sooner does Nadia leave, than E.C. is making the moves on Jan. He tries to talk baseball with her but apparently she's not a Cardinals fan.

That doesn't deter E.C., though, because he's a closet metrosexual and can talk fashion with the best of them.

He wows Jan with his fantastic spaghetti and spicy meatball recipe. (Jan doesn't get out much)

Score! He talks her into sleeping over, even though she apparently hates that sculpture on his lawn.

...and snuggling...but nothing else happens. They spend the next day kissing, but Jan leaves right after dinner.

That night, alone and dejected, E.C. sleeps right through a burglary! The burglar manages to stuff an entire hot tub in her little sack...and escapes before the police arrive!

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