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Thursday, August 11, 2005

It Takes a Village to Raise a Windrider

Cyberia is in love with Windrider, the first blogger baby.

This is, by the way, the way you change a Sim baby's diaper. You toss him up in the air, his diaper flies into the trash bin, and you catch him on the way back down.

When Kate plays a little too rough, causing Windrider to puke on her, Ben offers to hold the baby while she takes a shower.

Diane, though nervous, is also willing to take part in the Windrider Village.

Though Kate's movites may not have been exactly pure, bringing Windrider into M.Butterfly's life has definitely changed her.

She even hired a nanny to help Kate our during the day.

I wonder if she'd be surprised to know that Kate subscribes to the "Two Can Play That Game" club while the nanny tends to Windrider?

But those Sims babies, they do grow up fast. Before we know it, Windrider is a toddler.
Check out M.Butterfly's new look! She's really taking to this future-pta-mom thing!
In all fairness to Kate, she has taken it upon herself to instill a love of learning in her son.

She's spent hours teaching him how to talk...

...to walk...

...thinking, "I'm getting to old for this!"...
...and to use the potty like a BIG BOY!
Windrider continues wrapping the hearts of Cyberia around his sweet little finger.

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