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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Brando Finds a Home

In their short time together, Brando and Em had ammassed quite a fortune. In their divorce settlement, Brando gave Em the house on the hill, and walked away with $300,000.00 dollars. He combs the paper over a cup of coffee at Chiggers, and decides to check out some of the new houses in Cyberia.
One in particular catches his eye...

...and he decides to take a walk-through...

...and a leak.

Brando likes the interior, but when he takes in the landscape, Brando knows he's found a home.

Shooing away the Welcome Wagon, Brando begins to get in touch with nature and start healing from his recent breakup.

He quickly realizes the upper level of his home is the perfect place for yoga, so he installs automatic sliding glass doors so he has access to this area.

Then he buys a telescope and spies on his neighbors.

This does NOT make Homer very happy, and he shows up to blast his best friend for being a peeping Tom.

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