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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Domesticity (Diane Bea)

Since Diane and Al decided to shack up together, things have gotten a little too comfortable for these romance Sims.

Reading by the fireplace

Sharing meals together

Playing X-Box (or whatever the hell that thing is)

Al even drops drawers while Diane is primping in the mirror.

This might look like an ideal situation, but there's one small problem that this goddess is unable to capture for you. If you look at their wants, Diane wants too woo-hoo with three different sims, woo-hoo in a public place, and call Madame Butterfly over for some woo-hoo. Al wants many of the same things, but he can't decide which Sim he wants to woo-hoo on any given day. With Diane and Al working the same shift (Diane spins from 10pm to 4am while Al works the nightshift as a burgler), there isn't much alone time for either of them to pursue other interests. If there were only an option for "propose swinger lifestyle".

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