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Monday, August 15, 2005

Guilt & Guilty (Kate, M.Butterfly, Windrider)

Windrider comes home from his first day at the private academy. He's just made first chair in the school orchestra, AND won the spelling bee. I guess the downside of having an older mommy is that she's sometimes hard to wake.

Kate feels terrible about neglecting Windrider, and stirs from her nap to congratulate him on his achievements.
After a fabulous lobster dinner, she tucks her baby into bed. She must be upset that he fell asleep without a good-night kiss.
Meanwhile...they say a picture paints a thousand words. This picture of Madame Butterfly playing the piano INSTEAD of woo-hooing in the hottub, speaks volumes.
Then again, so does her new dress.
And her on-going relationship with the houseboy.
If that weren't enough, Madame Butterfly has a new toy. She uses her Aspiration Sucker Thingy to drain Kate's intellect.
Then she sneaks up on the houseboy, hoping to drain his cleaning skills.

Kate is determined not to die until her son is ready to be on his own. She's NOT leaving him with that mad woman.
Unfortunately, Kate may have an eating disorder, because Madame Butterfly's toy does NOT perform liposuction.

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