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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

What They Don't Know

in the Reds household, only Landismom and O.C. Bee have jobs. Landismom has been recently promoted as an Executive and works in the same office as Plain Jane. Apparently, they showed up wearing the same dress for work!
O.C. Bee, meanwhile, was just promoted to Flight Officer and earns the most money in the household. here she is playing Kick Bag with the newly resurrected LJ.Lu, the unemployed, is left to do the household chores... and repairs.Lu gets along with Landismom, who keeps on burning their meals.in fact, Landismom wants to take things further but Lu always kept her at bay. Landismom always asks Lu to keep her company when she stargazes, afraid that she might be abducted like her other Cyberian neighbors.but, there's animosity between O.C. Bee and Lu. O.C. bee keeps on arguing with her and poking Lu on the chest.maybe O.C. Bee hates it that Lu gets a free ride... or that she nearly took Xtessa's (O.C. Bee's best friend) head off when they were having a pillow fight.but Lu has had enough of O.C. Bee lording it over her that she earns more money than anyone in the household. Lu plans on revenge.one day, O.C. Bee invited a guy (non-blogger) she's been flirting with over to do some hot-tubbing. Lu joins in on the fun, putting a damper on O.C. Bee's plans. then, she had to leave for work, which gives Lu the perfect opportunityshe flirts with Benjamin...... takes him up to O.C. Bee's bedroom...... and woo-hooed him on O.C. Bee's bed.the Goddess smells trouble ahead...

*click on photos to enlarge

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