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Friday, August 19, 2005

Family values, Cyberia style

Char and Quentin just welcomed new baby Cordelia to their family, so they had to move to a bigger home. Faith and Glory have been playing cops and robbers in the driveway pretty much non-stop since they moved in.

Speaking of new homes, empty-nest elders Tracy and Eva Harper decided that retirement would be much more fun with company, so they bought a house with neighbors and friends Miscler and Komei Summers. Tracy and Eva are still all over each other, as usual. Komei apparently thinks Eva is quite a dish, too. Miscler appears not to care. Then again, maybe she's just too horrified by her outfit to think of anything else.

Meanwhile, over at the Sunnydale home, Jim and Elle's son Joss is growing like a weed.

They've also decided to take the parenthood plunge again, and are awaiting their second child. Elle has maternity leave from her job on the Cyberia police force.
Jim decided he'd better start helping support his growing family, so he decided to get a job as a minor-league athlete. While getting in the car for his first day of work, he's got family on his mind. He's thinking about having yet another baby!

But ... with WHOM???

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