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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Dawn Has the Last Laugh

Since Deni broke up with Dawn, Dawn's been floundering around looking for a new house. She's finally gotten herself settled and has stopped crying over Deni. She does, however, miss their adopted daughter Vyn. Her new house is a "starter", but really kind of cute.

She calls Vyn, but whomever answers the phone makes a snide comment like "Vyn is at SCHOOL, unlike some people...". Sheesh. So Dawn invites Michele Wonderful and Kevin Rofler over for sandwiches and who-knows-what. (C'mon..this is DAWN we're talkin' about!)

Michele and Kevin gossip about Dawn's divorce.

As soon as Dawn gets Michele outside, she plants one on her.

A few non-bloggers show up, and it's a hot-tub party. Dawn tries to talk politics, but no one is buying it.

Bondage is more her speed.

She whispers in Michele's ear, and the others quickly jump out of the hot tub.

Uh, Michele? Remember Mister and your son Sigmund??

Dawn likes to follow SEX with a game of SSX. She's like a guy in a chick's body.

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