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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Wedding from Hell

Over at Tracy, Eva, and Miscler's place, Anya (Tracy and Eva's daughter) exchanges vows with Angel (Miscler's son) in a lovely poolside ceremony. All is well except for the fact that Eva showed up in her swimsuit and went straight for the booze. The other guests were terribly distracted by her antics. Something was clearly wrong.

Turns out, it was just a few minutes after toasting her kids' wedded bliss that she decided to go swimming...and drowned. In a SPECTACULAR display of bad timing, Tracy also died almost simultaneously, although in his case old age was the culprit. Angel and Anya weren't even out of their wedding clothes before Anya was an orphan!

Then again, in Cyberia nobody seems to dwell on things for long. So Anya and Angel did the logical wedding day thing -- forgot completely about their parents/in-laws and went off for some woohoo with a side of woohoo.

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