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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Kevin is a Dirty Old Man

Kevin, PG, Apple and Julie move into a ginormous house so everyone has room to stretch out (or, in Julie's case, sleep with Kevin without PG catching on)

While PG and Apple go inside to check out the place, Julie and Kevin stay behind to, er, "get the mail".

PG and Apple happily make pancakes in their spiffy new kitchen.

E.C. and Jan stop by, and E.C. attempts to impress Kevin with his knowledge of flags.

And music (knowing that Kevin is a musician).

But Kevin, ever the metrosexual on the make, would rather impress Jan with his knowledge of cosmetics.

E.C. gets pretty pissed off at Jan, whom he suspects is falling under Kevin's spell. She pokes E.C. in the chest, trying to convince him that he's WAY off-base.

Meanwhile, PG has fallen victim to "bubble butt", an affliction that could signal a somewhat haunted or buggy house.

More bubbles.

While PG is trying to shake the bubbles, Julie is working her "magic" on Kevin in the bedroom.

She's quite the tigress!

Kevin is more than happy to get him some woo hoo!

There's something kind of gross about this pair, if you ask me!

Apple, having gotten into private school, is just as happy to get her little uniformed butt out of this crazy house.

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