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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

LJ Adopts

having a second chance in life, LJ thinks about where her life is heading.
going through the mundane stuff in her life seems... mundane.
new electronics stuff just doesn't do it for her anymore.
sure, she enjoys meeting her "roomie" Jane at the local coffeehouse.
afterwards, they'd try on some clothes at the boutique...
well, more than just try on some stuff... if you know what i mean!
whoops! LJ, i think you forgot to put back on your clothes!
but, even with all that, LJ feels that she's missing something in her life.
Jane even hired a mechanic to fix the computer so that LJ isn't at risk of being electrocuted again.
Jane even bought her a new toy to keep her amused but to no avail.
so, Jane suggested that LJ invite some friends over while she's at work.
LJ invited Xtessa and Bud Buckley over and discussed her depression. Bud Buckley tells her that having kids sure spices up his life.
when Jane got home, LJ asks her about the possibility of adopting.
Jane wants nothing but for LJ to be happy, so she consents to this idea.
the next day, the adoption center brought over LJ's wish... she's now mommy to little boy, Holden.

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