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Monday, August 22, 2005

Love, Life, and Anal Probing

First off, Charm Sunnydale's youngest, Cordelia, had a birthday party. She arrived at her cake, blew out candles, and exploded into toddlerhood in a burst of confetti.

In other news, Karma's romance with Robin Wood has been going hot and heavy, and all that woohooing they did in the hot tub has apparently caught up with them. Karma gives Robin the big news:
Robin then invites Karma to live with him and they get engaged (note the bling on her finger):

No marriage yet, but baby Rona recently arrived. How cute is she??

Speaking of babies, Jim Sunnydale picked the wrong afternoon to be looking for the Crab Nebula. The aliens that were in the cloaked ship above him decided he was a nice piece of ass.

Of course, once he returned to Earth, he started showing, so he will clearly be giving birth to an alien baby before long. No word yet on how Elle and Joss feel about this.

Meanwhile, Garnet Wyndham-Pryce has rapidly been climbing the corporate ladder. She's now a junior executive, but that doesn't stop her from thinking about weddings and babies NON-STOP. I think she ovulates when she sees a man on TV, for pete's sake. She's had pretty bad luck actually dating ... until now. She's fallen for neighbor Ethan Rayne (yes, more Buffyverse names), who also seems to want to have a million babies immediately.

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