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Monday, August 22, 2005

Update: TWIN Alien Babies!

Jim Sunnydale gave birth to TWO alien babies, twins Lorne and Lornette (ok, that one's an Angel reference, rather than Buffy, but some of you will still get the joke). Eldest son Joss is now a teenager, and helping take care of his non-green sibling, Tara. Their tiny house is cramped these days, so it looks like a move is in the offing.

Over at Quentin and Charm's place, their three daughters all had a birthday on the same day. Twins Faith and Glory became teens, and Cordelia grew into a know-it-all kid.

Charm also decided she wanted to get a job, now that the kids were finally all in school. She joined her husband's lab and is currently working as a lab assistant. She works evenings, which is hard on her because she only gets to see Cordelia for a few minutes when the school bus arrives, but such is the life of a modern working mom.

Glory has an afterschool job and is already working her way up the corporate ladder in between cheerleading and homework. Faith, on the other hand, is boy-crazy and spends most of her afterschool time necking with neighbor boy Orlando.

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