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Sunday, August 28, 2005

It's a Girl (and another Girl)! Nicole, Kris, Melodyann, & Lu

The race is on! Who is going to keep the house?

While reaching for a book, Kris feels a sharp pain.

Nicole runs upstairs just in time to watch Melodyann of Searchin' for a Rainbow drop from the ceiling and into her mama's arms.

Nicole looks a little bored with the entire bonding thing.

But what's this? Nicole doubles over in pain just minutes later...
...cries to the heavens...

...and catches Lu of Lu's News.

Two mamas, two daddys, and two babies. Looks like Kris gets to keep the house, but will she hold Nicole, Joe, and Lu to the deal? It honestly depends on how well the Goddess can keep up with six Sims.

Please head over to Lu's and Melodyann's blogs and welcome them to Cyberia. Goddess PG, if you wouldn't mind adding them to the sidebar?

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