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Monday, August 29, 2005

Miscler's a grandma; Garnet gets her wish

Ever since Miscler's husband went to the Great Luau, she's been enjoying having her kids around. They tend to dine together every evening. Apparently Miscler makes a mean spaghetti. She also decided to change her look, going back to her naturally curly shoulder-length 'do.

Once daughter-in-law Anya had her baby Wesley, Miscler really got into being a grandma. She even seems to enjoy the dreaded 2:00 a.m. feedings.

Meanwhile, in another part of Cyberia, Garnet Wyndham-Pryce has finally gotten married, so she can hopefully stop talking about weddings with EVERYONE.

Apparently Dawn Rosenberg (Frally's daughter-in-law) didn't get the memo that it's tacky to wear white to a wedding. Groom Ethan gives her a stern talking-to. Nobody puts Garnet in a corner!

After the wedding, Garnet's ovaries, after screaming for so long to have their eggs fertilized, were finally able to take a rest. She's got a baby on the way!

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