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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Girlfights and Teen Action

You may recall that Michele Wonderful and her husband Mister bought a huge modern house for themselves and their son, Sigmund. They love to entertain, and since both Michele and Mister are love-machines, they even throw the occasional key-party. Michele still has a thing for PG, even though she's a senior citizen. PG is really flattered that someone as young and gorgeous as Michele would still have the hots for her.

However, Dawn (the unofficial town slut) is jealous of Michele's attention towards PG and gets physical over it.

After the dust settles, they all go inside to celebrate Sigmund's birthday.

Having inherited his mother's eyes, Sigmund grows into quite the heartthrob.

Unfortunately, this particular house is haunted by a small waterfall that follows the inhabitants wherever they go. So, they decide to pack up and move to a more traditional home.

The first night, Sigmund invites PG and Kevin's daughter Apple over to check out his newfound manhood.

Score! Although she refuses his offer for a sleepover, she's more than happy to swap spit with him.

Of course, as any parent of a middle schooler knows, "hugging" is all the rage. (we used to call it "grinding", but I digress)

Apple goes home, virginity intact, but Sigmund gives her a call at about 11 and suggests that they sneak out. She picks him up at 1AM, but at about 4 he is brought home by a local cop.

While Sigmund hangs his head and weeps downstairs, the cop reads Michele the riot act. He knows that with these two as parents, Sigmund is bound to become the Casanova of Cyberia. The cop was yelling so loud and so long that I can only assume he's got a teenaged daughter...

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