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Friday, September 09, 2005

LJ Has a Secret

LJ has been very busy being a mom to her adopted son, Holden.
meanwhile, Jane is also busy climbling the corporate ladder. she's due for a promotion anytime now.

but Jane is worried that their relationship is suffering due to their busy lives. i mean, they haven't woo-hooed in a while now.
Jane even hired a nanny to free up some of LJ's time but to no avail.

the next day, Jane went to work and impressed her boss so much that they gave her a bonus and promoted her to Vice President.

every morning, a limo picks her up for work. one day, Jane notices that the grocery van's been delivering food to their house quite frequently.

what she doesn't know is that LJ greets the delivery boy in her unmentionables... and with such enthusiasm...

LJ invites the delivery boy for a quick dip in the hot tub... something along the lines of, "you must be so tired from all that delivering. here, let me soothe your tired muscles."

but, of course, one thing leads to another...

and it's WOO-HOO central!

afterwards, LJ showered and bade the delivery boy goodbye before Jane gets home.

i guess, LJ's not a lesbian afterall?!!

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