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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Meet Sandy Oahu-Ukelele'Nono

this is Sandy Oahu-Ukelele'Nono. she comes from Hawaii and flies to Cyberia to look for her friend, Tee. apparently, Tee wrote her that Cyberia is the place to be... and University of Cyberia is party central.
however, Sandy was late for registration and all dormitories has been filled. with limited funds, she rented this little shack just outside of the campus.
with the few Simoleans (SIMS currency) in her pocket, she furnished it with second-hand stuff. the bathroom could use some major cleaning.
after settling in and registering her major (Political Science), Sandy headed out to the college bars to look for her friend.
a stranger in a llama jacket asked Sandy for a description of Tee. Sandy said that Tee is very good with balls.
well, a friend of a friend of a sister of a sorority brother of the stranger knew someone and brought Tee over to Sandy's house and the two friends are reunited, coconut shells knocking against each other.
but it seems that there's more than friendship between this two...
well, as the saying goes... whatever happens in hawaii, stays in hawaii.

*click photos to enlarge

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