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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Parting of Ways

Landismom has had enough of the bickering going on in her house. she's been getting massive migraines from the constant fights between O.C. Bee and Lu.
she told both of them to move out as soon as possible, which spurred another poking session.
Lu felt devastated with the events... especially when she has no job and no money of her own.
she pored over the papers the next day for an affordable place and found a nice little shack she could rent.
O.C. Bee, meanwhile decided to live in the military base as she's now a General and has a few perks.
finally, Landismom achieved the peace and quiet that she needed.
the next day, she invited her boss, Plain Jane, over at her spacious house to finish some merger...
they worked till late in the evening...
... and Plain Jane forgot that today was Holden's birthday party.
Plain Jane's been longing for some "social contact" since LJ's been holdin' out on her... and Landismom seems to really like her.
while Plain Jane was in the bathroom washing her hands, Landismom surprised her and gave her a passionate kiss.
of course, she missed Holden's "turning of age" and LJ is sure going to make her regret it.
but LJ waited all night and Plain Jane didn't come home. she found Landismom to be more "accommodating" to her needs.

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