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Monday, September 12, 2005

Swingin' Senior Dawn

Over at Dawn's place, Michele drops by and does some yoga while Dawn cooks, and tells her about the cute new houseboy she's hired.

Moments later, Remington the houseboy shows up and Dawn shoos Michele so she can work her magic on the poor guy.

She manages to get him ONTO the bed, but when she makes her move he rebuffs her and goes back to buffing the furniture.

He may have gotten a look at Robin in her sexy thong bathing suit and decided that Dawn is a little too close to becoming an elder.

Sure enough, Dawn turns old the next day. Determined not to be caught dead in the standard issue Elder Wear, she goes on a major shopping spree.

Back home in her new duds, she juggles espresso cups before hitting the pool.

Pleased with her new bathing suit, she unbraids her hair and does a few laps.

After her swim, she chats online with Michele and tells her that Remington is hung like an elephant. Michele buys it, hook line and sinker.

But all is not lost. Dawn remembers that E.C. had a hard, er soft spot for her so she invites him over. Never one to be deterred by a wife (Jan) with a new baby and a pregnant live-in girlfriend (Nadia), E.C. hustles right over. Dawn gives him a grilled cheese sandwich and asks if she can rub his magic lamp.

They head for the Love Tub and commence with the woo hoo!

After a second session in bed, Dawn gets ready for another swim (in yet another bathing suit) while E.C. dreams of sumo wrestlers.

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