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Monday, September 12, 2005

Do I Smell Trouble?

Lisa Stamps has been recently promoted to Executive in her job but her boss told her to socialize some more and meet new friends before the next promotion.

Lisa also felt that her life was a lonely so she decided to check out Cyberia's Online Dating website. there, she found Bud Buckley's profile and was impressed with his "bank-able" personality.

she made some more "bank-ground" check and found out that Bud is actually popular around Cyberia... and has a HUGE... bank account. however, no one informed her that Bud's already married... twice now.

the following day, she set up a "meeting" with Bud, her eye always on the prize.

Lisa thinks that Bud's the guy who could help her increase her networth... erm, network, she meant.

after dinner, Lisa started on her strategy to merge this, erm, partnership...

she buttered him up by praising his musical abilities and even dared to dance along Bud's ditty.

as the night wore on, Lisa started flirting with him, telling him that he has such strong biceps. Bud seemed to be tickled pink about this...

and to make sure that she got him hook, line and sinker, Lisa planted a big, wet one on him and asked him to spend the night.

Bud agrees and as Lisa hugs him tightly, he thinks to himself, "am i in trouble or what?!"

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