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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Goddess Plays Nasty

after a couple of hours playing with the blohgsons, Goddess decided to have a little fun with them. it all started when Jane used the computer to look for a job.
when she logged off, the computer started spewing off black smoke. but instead of calling for a mechanic, Goddess thought it might be funny to see LJ try to fix the computer even if she has no mechanical skills at all. nada, nope, zip.
Goddess knew there's a great chance that LJ would get electrocuted, but this didn't stop the nasty Goddess. LJ would get mini-jolts while screwdriving and would stop the fixing but Goddess urged on. well, as predicted, LJ got electrocuted...
Jane, who was in the hot tub, dashed back inside the house and cried in distress when she saw LJ electrified.
now, in all of Goddess' history of playing with her SIMS, those who got electrocuted would just get up, get a change of clothes or take a bath, and they're back to normal. not one of her SIMS got into serious trouble.
but, LJ here gave Goddess quite a scare. 'coz after she stood up from the computer chair, she continued jolting and emitting electric currents...
... and suddenly collapsed on the floor into a big, black heap of charcoaled flesh.
Jane started crying when the Grim Reaper appeared.
Goddess, meanwhile, was going "oh no! oh no!"... totally freaking out as LJ was just a few hours old.
of course, as Jane just loves her LJ, she pleaded with the Grim Reaper to spare LJ's life.
the Grim Reaper plays a game of "Guess Which Hand Am I Holding Your Loved One's Life" with Jane...
she panics a little... but guessed correctly. she (and Goddess) gives a whoop of joy!
he resurrects LJ who, by the way, was starting to fade.
and, poof, LJ was saved from death...
... and apparently, she couldn't thank Jane enough.
Goddess, however, has learned her lesson and promises not to screw around with her SIMS... much.;)

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Friday, July 29, 2005


I'm not sure what made M.Butterfly think she could fix the trash compactor.

Though she's midway through her mechanical skills points, she fails - miserably.

The Grim Reaper appears and begins looking for M.Butterfly's name while Kate awakes from her slumber and rushes to the kitchen.

Immediately, Kate begs for her room mate's life.

The Grim Reaper places M.Butterfly's soul in his hand, shuffles it behind his back, then allows Kate to gamble for M.Butterfly's life!

She wins! M.Butterfly arises, resurrected!

M.Butterfly sits on the sofa, contemplating her life, death, and newly won life. Is it possible she might decide to change her wicked ways?

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Mini Catches On, Kitty Catches Keanu

It suddenly occurred to Mini that she is the only Sim in Cyberia NOT getting woo-hoo. So she puts down the books (her logic meter is maxed out anyhow) and...

...brushes up on her social skills...

...works on her body...

...and practices conversation in the mirror.

Mini's body is getting back in shape!

Meanwhile, Kitty can't stop thinking about Keanu. She takes a quick nap after work, then calls him over and invites him to spend the night.

The next morning she invites him to move in. He quickly and joyfully agrees!

Turns out, Keanu is pretty handy. While the girls are at work, he takes out the trash!

Keanu works nights as a professional party goer. I'm not sure if Kitty knew his aspiration was the dreaded FORTUNE when she invited him into her humble home, but expect to see some massive redecorating by Keanu in the next few weeks.

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Busy as Beas

The girls start their afternoon to a lovely luncheon, courtesy of Diane.

Diane's man Albie shows up uninvited, but Diane joins him on the sofa for some television.

Following suit, the other girls decide to call their boys over. Kris and Nicole get it a bit of a tiff over who gets the phone first.

The boys arrive and the girls invite them to spend the night.

Kris and her fiance Goopy relax in their newly decorated attic apartment.

Nicole and Joe snuggle down for the night together.

Diane sleeps alone, but dreams of her next conquest.

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Happy Birthday, Maya Knatt!

Maya's birthday is approaching fast. I think Homer and Cat have learned a few things:

Cherish every second.

Doesn't Homer look adorable talking to Maya through that bear?

When the baby sleeps, YOU sleep.

Finally, it's time to help Maya grow up. Cat invited her sisters over for the celebration, and Homer invited best bud Brando.


Maya finally gets a big-girl bed...

...and Homer has learned to be friends with his daughter.

Cat doesn't seem too terribly into the family life, even though Family is her aspiration. She might want to have a talk with her daughter; Maya wants an addition to the family.

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A House on the Hill - Brando & Em

Well, I told you the Mayor wanted a bigger house. He secured this 125k (that's a LOT in Simoleans) home on the hill overlooking Cyberia.
The Den

The Second Floor

The Third Floor

They even have a hot tub on the third floor adjacent to their bedroom!

I assumed that Em would begin decorating her palatal estate, but I was wrong. Em seems perfectly content standing in the kitchen while she wolves down her chef salad.

Em is far more interested in body building and working on her novel. Maybe it's because her knew job involves acquisitions. Be that as it may, the Goddess wanted Emily to have a nice place to study, so She took it upon Herself to set up a room in the den.

Mayor Brando has also been quite content with the sparse interior, though he has requested some landscaping, video games, and an espresso maker.

With Brando doing what Brando does best...

...and Em working herself to death...

It looks as if Em or Brando are going to have to hire an interior decorator.

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