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Friday, June 30, 2006

Children of the Night...

Karl's friend Hilly, a fashion icon in Cyberia, has moved into the Biosphere while her place is being renovated. She's a "bit" surprised to find Karl's new palefaced friend Rebecca there, and Rebecca quickly takes Hilly under her spell.

Hilly's beginning to think that she should have found a place on Craigslist.

Karl, seemingly unaware that his chick-friends are swapping bodily fluids, cleans. Constantly.

In a moment of weakness, or insanity, he proposes to Rebecca. "I vant you to be my VIFE!"

Knowing that she'll never have to scrub a toilet with this guy around, Rebecca readily accepts.

The usual suspects arrive for the wedding and raise their glasses to the happy couple.

Rebecca wonders when she and Karl can finally leave for their honeymoon. The sun is nearly up, and she's had enough of the Federlines.

Once the house is empty Hilly does her best Tom Cruise impression, amusing herself until it's time for "bed".

Karl has the guest coffin all ready for her. And it looks like she's got a big night planned.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Britney Gets a Spare

As we check in on our gal Britney, she's busy picking her teeth.

Party for one! Yeah!

While she's getting punchy, Sean P. rattles his cage.

He manages to climb out of the crib and start having some fun of his own.

But what's this? A baby bump?

It's time!

...and little Bubba is born. Who would guess that his father is not K-Fed, but someone far more "grim"...

When Britney sees this woman picking through her trash can, she immediately invites her in to help with Bubba. "I think there might be another kid upstairs too, but I'm not 100% sure. Anyway, gotta run!"

On to more important matters...

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Please visit my renter, "Green", in the sidebar. She'll be moving to Cyberia very soon... along with a few other new characters. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Wanna Neck?

Karl Tripp is somewhat of a fashion victim...

..., but he's moved into the coolest house in Cyberia: The Biosphere. (Hey, you do what you have to do to get chicks.)

Still, Karl seems to be wanting for company.

All alone with his pop tarts, he's hoping some other tarts will stop by soon.

And right on cue...Britney!

He invites her in (she's pretty sure it's ok to leave Sean Preston in the car for a few hours. The windows are closed so no bugs can get in.) She immediately picks up the bass and Karl gives her a tip. (She could use a few more "tips", but that's another story.)

Karl fires up the bong. There's just so much of Britney's playing that he can take.

Thankfully, K-Fed, Lucy and Deni (with her sassy new 'do) show up and really get the party started.

That Deni sure can wail!

Karl, somewhat lacking in social skills, uses the old handbuzzer on K-Fed. Everyone decides it's time to go, although Deni agrees to join Karl at a gallery opening downtown.

After a few hours, Deni breaks the news that the date is "lame"...

...and Karl loses it.

But what's this? A pale-skinned beauty peers over her elbow at a smitten Tripp.

Rebecca and Karl...a match made in, er...heaven.

The love bug has bitten, and so has Rebecca!

Karl is a changed man!

He takes his cyanotic girlfriend home and makes a rather bold suggestion...

...which is immediately accepted.

Where this relationship is headed is unclear, but one thing is for sure. There's always room for Jell-O!

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Add a Little Mayo

Meet Mayo Naize, young hip blogger just venturing out on her own.

Once her place is in shape, she wanders outdoors to find some pals. Liesl is never one to turn down a free beer.

...but is quick to point out that she has money, and doesn't need charity alcohol. But she's up for it anyway.

Deni, Lonnie and K-Fed arrive, and before you know it...a Cyberian poker party!

K-Fed tries to impress Mayo by telling her that he's a big recording artist...

...and that he likes her bust. Deni's reaction? "The ball's in your court now, girl. Just watch yourself!"

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wild Nanny!

Lucy and Sage have had their baby boy, Earl, and are moving into a big new home. They are very much in love, Lucy has quit drinking and little Earl is a handful.

They've hired Laci Dancer to replace the stodgy old nanny they've been using to help out with Earl. They may have gotten more than they bargained for...

Sage tells Lucy that she needs to go back to work, now that Earl will be taken care of.

Lucy isn't all that comfortable with Laci getting naked, jumping into the hot tub, and talking about "woo hoo". Sage, on the other hand, seems pleased.

Still, Laci is a good nanny and doesn't turn her nose up at a dirty diaper or two.

This frees up the happy couple to get down with their bad selves.

But Laci Dancer is a dancin' machine and her motor is running.

She asks for the night off and heads for the clubs.

She gets the party started with a Sim version of the Macarena.

And then she jumps into the DJ booth and starts to spin.

Apparently she played a song that brought some bad memories back for one of the other clubbers, and Laci finds HERSELF getting clubbed!

And what's worse, the guy gives her "noogies". She'd better head home before she gets herself into some REAL trouble...

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