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Friday, June 30, 2006

Children of the Night...

Karl's friend Hilly, a fashion icon in Cyberia, has moved into the Biosphere while her place is being renovated. She's a "bit" surprised to find Karl's new palefaced friend Rebecca there, and Rebecca quickly takes Hilly under her spell.

Hilly's beginning to think that she should have found a place on Craigslist.

Karl, seemingly unaware that his chick-friends are swapping bodily fluids, cleans. Constantly.

In a moment of weakness, or insanity, he proposes to Rebecca. "I vant you to be my VIFE!"

Knowing that she'll never have to scrub a toilet with this guy around, Rebecca readily accepts.

The usual suspects arrive for the wedding and raise their glasses to the happy couple.

Rebecca wonders when she and Karl can finally leave for their honeymoon. The sun is nearly up, and she's had enough of the Federlines.

Once the house is empty Hilly does her best Tom Cruise impression, amusing herself until it's time for "bed".

Karl has the guest coffin all ready for her. And it looks like she's got a big night planned.

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