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Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

Lisa Stamps has crossed off love in her priority list after she got burned by Bud. still, being a business mogul wasn't all that cracked up to be. so, she found herself heading out to the local pub to check out the singles scene.
a co-worker told her that the best place to be picked up or pick out a man is by the bar.
unfortunately, the only guys there were a gay couple and the bartender.
so, she decided to try out the infamous matchmaker of cyberia and bravely applied for a blind date.
out of thin air, the matchmaker conjured up Lisa's postman. she was slightly disappointed but decided to give it a whirl.
it was going well until the conversation went into an uncomfortable direction. Lisa nervously laughed when he asked if she has a pair of handcuffs at home and shocked herself when she admitted that she indeed kept a pair handy.
afterwards, they headed out to the dance floor where the postman cupped a feel and was sorely disappointed that Lisa wasn't a double D. he immediately cut off their date and left Lisa mouth agape.
Lisa went back to the matchmaker and asked for another date. she was actually feeling desperate.
this time, she wished for someone sophisticated and intelligent. someone who wouldn't care what bra size she's wearing.
fulfilling her wish, the matchmaker introduced her to her new date: a biology professor from the university.
Lisa was actually enjoying their dinner date and felt flirtatious. she offered him a bite of her salmon, which he strongly declined. he told her that he didn't want to get her germs and would only go to bed with her if she had a physical first.
pissed off, Lisa threw the rest of her mashed potatoes at the squeaky-clean professor.
no need to say, he stormed off and Lisa was left with the bill.
not wanting to repeat this disaster, Lisa went home and decided to give online dating a try.she thought that good men were, indeed, hard to find.

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