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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Matriculating Sandy and Tee

tee and sandy are now juniors in college. they've moved out of the nice pad they were housesitting when they found a vampire's coffin out the back. they decided to give the college dorms a try.sandy is now sporting a new 'do and has developed quite a fashion sense after discovering something called In Style Magazine.
meanwhile, tee has discovered the joys of hair extensions. no more crappy hairstyles for this gal!
she has also changed majors. she realized that she's more of the creative type so she's now majoring in literature and paints as a hobby.
sandy also changed her major to biology 'coz she always found the human body fascinating. she's always reading those thick medical books nowadays... and tee still can't get over how hair looks!
in the past, tee and sandy were "really close" but they're over it now. living in the dormitory have introduced them to an interesting species called college boys.
tee's dating them left and right trying to figure out what's her type.
sandy, meanwhile, seems to be getting serious with a senior who's interning at company soon opening for business in cyberia.
the girls seem to be having a good time at the university... especially with boys streaking almost everyday (although tee thinks his thing is as small as a bug). now, isn't that what college is all about?

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