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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Chatty Gets Around!

When last we saw Chatty and Stephanie, they were cuddling in the Love Tub.

Stephanie is a party girl, though, so while Chatty sits alone thinking of her newfound love, Steph entertains her guests with a wicked game of pool.

Robin ,having been claimed by the Grim Reaper, comes back to her old "haunt". Steph is pretty freaked out. She's also worried that the ghost of Deni will come back and reclaim Chatty.

Remember PG, Kevin and Julie? They are so busy jumping on the sofa that they've forgotten to take the Christmas tree down.

Tired of being the third wheel, Julie decides to make a move on non-blogger Benjamin.

However, Benjamin isn't interested.

Suspecting that Kevin is behind Benjamin's decision to reject her, Julie slaps him silly.

Chatty stops by the mansion. She asks PG if she watches "The Soup" on E! (Of course PG does. Doesn't everyone?)

Benjamin finally admits to Julie that he's heard she's pretty dumb.

Positive that Kevin is the one poisoning Benjamin's mind, Julie beats the crap out of him while poor Apple (PG & Kevin's daughter visiting from college), screams for help.

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