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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Soccer Mom

FunkyCowboy gets up for school and reminds his mom that they had bet $250.00 that Funky could make the honor roll. Well, it's time for Cat to pay up!

Realizing that her son is a budding genius, Cat decides to give this private school thing one more try. She spends the entire day learning how to make Baked Alaska.

When Homer returns from work, Cat makes him shower and dress for their dinner with the Headmaster.

Cat wasn't taking any chances with this meeting, so she arranged her dinner party with the Headmaster to coincide with FunkyCowboy's coming of age.

Here's the gangly teenager now! Isn't he just so goofy and cool?

Not taking any chances, Cat decides to hop in the hottub with the Headmaster while Funky retires to his room. "You think a schoolbus is a sweet ride? You should try me out, Mr. Headmaster."

Homer is enraged and quickly turns into some sort of wife beater.

Cat tries to apologize to Homer, telling him that she'd do ANYTHING for her little savant.

But Homer won't hear of it. He calls Rooms to Go and arranges for a single bed to be delivered ASAP.

The next morning Cat is pleased to find both Maya and FunkyCowboy donning their new school uniforms.

And once the family is off to school and work, Cat is left to figure out what to do about this pesky Homer problem.

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