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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Oh, Bite Me!

when last seen, Lu Reds was desperate for money and asked help from O.C. Bee's boyfriend, Benjamin. he got her a job but unbeknownst to her, the position was vampire food.
after being bitten, Lu decided to return the good favor Benjamin has bestowed upon her.

well, Benjamin kinda has a freaky thing going on... he's into that biting stuff... you can just see it on his face as Lu delivered her deadly bite. isn't that the picture of pure bliss?

instantly, his fake tan was replaced by this pastely white complexion all vampires are sporting... and he developed a lisp due to his sparkling white fangs.

later that evening, he came home to find O.C. Bee waiting for him. she knew that he was being unfaithful as usual so she decided to break up with him.

Benjamin, however, had other ideas... he bites her and O.C. Bee definitely thinks that this is grounds for a breakup.

mad with rage, O.C. Bee wanted to know why her boyfriend was acting like a vampire and went on biting her like that... Benjamin thought he did all out of his love for her.

clueless to what really transpired, O.C. Bee woke up the next day to go to work. as she waited for her carpool, she wondered why the sun felt extra hot today...

being the smart girl that she is, O.C. Bee put two and two together... and... oh-oh...

her skin started to prickle and smoke... and she became a pile of ashes on the sidewalk. everyone knows vampires and sunlight don't mix.

Death arrived with the mailman to deliver the bad news to O.C. Bee's family that she's passed on... but there was no one around, so the mailman acted as the grieving party. poor O.C. Bee...

a few days later, Lu heard the news about O.C. Bee's untimely death over the radio. she was filled with guilt and grief... she remembers that they were roommates first before they became bitter rivals.

so, with her last money, she bought Vampicillin-D to be rid of her vampire ways...

concentrated on her art and decided to sell a few of her masterpieces...

got a new haircut and looked for a decent job for once...

a new year... a new Lu.

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