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Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Slight Misunderstanding

Okay -- this is not good. Shiitty, you should not be having heatflashes where Scotty is concerned.

Scotty catches on quick to the fact that Shiitty has a crush. As cute as she is, she's missing some essential hardware. Scott devises a plan to X out her attraction in the least harmful way.

He pickes up the phone and dials a sure thing.

Then he heads over to meet his anonymous hook-up, Al.

When Shiitty finds Scotty doing the after-woo-hoo couch dance, she realizes that she made a blooper...

...but she's okay, strong chick that she is, and she and Kristina have a good laugh over the whole misunderstanding.

The next day Kristina and Scotty sit down to a game of cards with the newly-blonde Andy and a neighbor, Sam.

When Sam and Scotty are left alone, Scotty makes his move.

Sam is quite receptive, telling Scotty that he's turned-on by guys with brown hair.

Scotty falls quick!

The Scotty falls asleep...

...leaving Shiitty is left to unclog the toilet...

... Andy to clean the kitchen, and Kristina to fix the computer.

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