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Monday, November 28, 2005

What About Bud?

as soon as Miss Vicki got settled to being alive again, she gave herself a makeover and a new wardrobe... best way to get rid of that underworld smell.
Bud Buckley also decided to make their union official, as well, eventhough he's still married to Anne Marie.
meanwhile, Anne Marie has moved to a quaint little cottage with her son.
depressed over her separation with Bud, Anne Marie does nothing but eat and it looks like she's been gaining a lot of weight.
of course, she's in denial with what's really happening to her. finally, as she makes pancakes at 3 in the morning, she admits that it's not just pastry in her tummy. it seems that her last woohoo with Bud wasn't just any ordinary woohoo.
so, she decided to drop by Bud's place to forgive him and make another go at their relationship when, surprise, surprise, she finds Miss Vicki alive and happily settled.
Anne Marie was so mad at Bud Buckley that she can't even form a coherent word. in the end, she called it quits and left Bud Buckley for good.
poor, misguided and confused Bud... another one of his partnerships has failed and he's so heartbroken that he can't even pick up the guitar to sing his heart out.

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